Sunday, 5 July 2015

My First Shawl Anniversary

Around this time five years ago I knitted my first shawl.  I could knit but had started again in order to re-balance my mind.
I was due to go home to London and thought I would search out a yarn shop.  So I found online that Loop was moving and having a party.  Off I went to Islington and found the most delightful shop full of yarn and people.  As I made my way through the shop not knowing what to buy  I came across a friend of a friend.  She was very helpful in me choosing my purchase.  I think the free Pimms helped too.  I purchased Malabrigio lace  in the Bobby blue colourway. 
I couldn't wait to cast on so I got my mum to hold the yarn  whilst I wound it into a ball.

I worked away at this shawl until I kept ending up with the wrong amount of stitches. I also found out this lace weight yarn was difficult to unpick.

This was when I decided to make stitch markers.

Then in between my games at the World  Wheelchair Basketball Championships, I would work away at the shawl.  I learnt to challenge myself as I started to knit, lace work and kitchener stitch.

Five years later the shawl is still going strong and if successful I am looking to knit another shawl at another Championships, keep your fingers crossed for me. 

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